Dansk Kvalitetssikringsgruppe

                Din vej til viden og et unikt samarbejde

Danish Quality Assurance Group (DKG = Dansk Kvalitetssikringsgruppe) is a networking group for professionals with an interest in Quality Assurance particularly in the areas of GLP, GCP, GMP and GDP regulated work as well as GVP and archiving.

The DKG was formed more than 25 years ago and currently represents more than 50 different companies and organizations.

The purpose of the group is to strengthen the QA activities through contacts, discussions and information.

The DKG stimulates contacts between individuals from private companies and public institutions and provides contact to professional organizations and regulatory authorities.

The DKG continuously keeps its members informed about QA relevant topics, such as new legislation, symposiums and literature.

The DKG establishes a forum for discussions of QA relevant topics through membership meetings in focused working groups and through broader membership meetings. These groups meet regularly with an agenda representing the newest knowledge of interest for sharing within the group.

The membership meetings are the core activity of the DKG. Such meetings may include presentations by professional lecturers, funded by the DKG.

The DKG is a key collaborator for the Danish Health and Medicines Authority in relation to providing industry input to relevant regulations and guidance documents.

The DKG is a member of the European Quality Assurance Confederation (EQAC), and collaborates with the American SQA under a Memorandum of Understanding. The DKG is working on a closer collaboration with the RQA GLP committee. The closest international collaboration however, is with the Swedish Association of Research Quality Assurance (SARQA) under a MoU.

Every second year, the two societies arrange the DKG/SARQA Scandinavian Conference on Current Status of Quality in Research and Development.